Hope Market

This past Saturday, some of our CAST business forum participants from KwaDabeka were able to sell their merchandise at Hope Market in Umhlanga. Hope Market is described as “a community development initiative that offers training and opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs, to generate income and learn from the experience of showcasing their skills, talents and hand-made wares.”
Meet Buhle (in the picture above, on the right). Buhle first heard about CAST business forum from Themba, who runs a car wash business in KwaDabeka. Business forum has enabled Buhle to further develop her business through selling at other venues such as Hope Market. Buhle sells hand-made purses and pillows. Crafting her purses is a lengthy process, as she even has to dye the materials different colours.IMG_1167Buhle’s purses were all sold by the end of the day! Most of the business forum participants finished the market early, as their products sold quickly.

Make sure to watch the CAST Facebook page for updates about future markets where you can come and support CAST business forum participants!


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