Meet Sinothando, a nineteen year old from KwaDabeka. Unlike most of her peers, Sinothando has already finished a year of varsity at University of Cape Town. Her passion is maths and science, especially statistics.

Sinothando’s mom raised her and her two other sisters as a single mum. Her mother worked at the crèche at KwaDabeka Baptist Church, and was a mother-figure to many other children in the community.

Life changed forever for Sinothando and her family when their mum passed. Sinothando was in Matric, and already planned to attend University of Cape Town the following year. Despite the passing of her mother, Sinothando persevered and began varsity in Cape Town. Her belief in God gave her strength to persevere during this time and pursue her goals.

In varsity, Sinothando struggled with being away from her family after the loss of her mother. However she thrived in varsity, becoming a floor mentor and excelling in her studies.

Instead of resting during holiday break, Sinothando has come back to KwaDabeka to help tutor students and teach at her former high school. Using her ability in maths and science, Sinothando is able to make a difference in her community by giving back to students.

While Sinothando did not participate CAST’s Youth Development Program as a high school student, she is still an inspiration to other girls in the community. CAST prays that girls in our program will be encouraged to pursue their God-given dreams through the testimony of Sinothando.


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