Mrs. Tabete

Mrs. Tabete’s journey with CAST began when her pension money was taken away.  Life became very difficult for their family, so Mrs. Tabete came to CAST’s Lamontville Community Coordinator looking for help.  After being put on the food parcel programme, Mrs. Tabete decided to also attend CAST’s business forum.

Currently, she takes care of several children in her neighbourhood, but she is limited by the size of her home.  In the future Mrs. Tabete would like to open a creche.



Because of CAST’s support, Mrs. Tabete has been able to care for her granddaughter, who passed matric last year.  Her granddaughter has plans to go to college for journalism.

CAST’s food parcel programme and business forum are intended to not only better the lives of individuals like Mrs. Tabete, but entire families and neighbourhoods.  By empowering Mrs. Tabete, CAST was also able to empower her grandchild and the children in their neighbourhood who are cared for by Mrs. Tabete.

By donating towards CAST’s food parcel programme, you can not only empower the lives of individuals, but entire communities.  If you would like to move beyond charity by being a part of the transformation happening in communities like Lamontville, please contact Murry, CAST’s Volunteer Coordinator, at to find out more about how you can get involved.


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