An Update on Chibini


Imagine going to church and trying to worship, pray, and listen to the message while also quieting the roaring grumble of your empty stomach as to not interrupt the service. Imagine growing up in a family of 10 or more children struggling to make ends meet, with no father-figure present to provide for the family.

This is the reality for some of the families that attend Chibini Baptist Church, one of CAST’s rural partner churches near Noodsberg. Mr. and Mrs. Khumalo, who pastor the church, use the little they have to address the enormous need of the community through feeding the children in their Sunday School programme every week. Using vegetables from their own garden, they try to provide a simple meal for hungry bellies, so the children can focus on worshipping and learning more about God.

With a 48 percent unemployment rate in this area, many working adults leave the farms to live in the city and support their families back home. But oftentimes this money is not enough to feed the many hungry mouths at home, and children are raised by grandparents and/or a single mom without an active father-figure present. One way CAST is addressing this issue is by providing food parcels to families in Chibini.

Another way Mr. and Mrs. Khumalo seek to care for the children in their community is by providing a simple meal once a week and introducing the children to a heavenly Father who loves and cares for them, no matter their circumstances.

Earlier in the year, CAST and a partner team from the US were able to organise a holiday club for the children in Chibini. The American team also helped in building a playground for the children to enjoy. Now a few months later, the Sunday School has grown in numbers, averaging around 70 children, an increase of 25 kids. Normally the Khumalos are able to use produce from their garden to feed the children once a week, but during this time of year their garden produces less.


If you would like to assist Chibini Baptist Church with a few simple groceries to sustain the growth of their children’s ministry during this dry season, here are a few things that would help:

  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Juice
  • Tin foods

CAST’s main intention is to help community churches in poor communities to find meaningful ways to bring the gospel and social transformation to people in their neighbourhoods. This involves meeting the holistic needs of individuals, whether that be physical or spiritual food. Please consider donating some of the necessary food items to help accommodate the growth in Chibini’s ministry for a short season until the Khumalos are able to grow more produce in their garden. Another way you can get involved is by giving money towards CAST’s food parcel programme in Chibini to help struggling families until they are able to get back on their feet. If either of these opportunities interest you, please contact Rachel at


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