Nathi the Noble Cake-baker

noble /ˈnəʊb(ə)l/
Definition: having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles.


Before boys2Men camp, Nathi was a not-so-noble teenager, disrespecting his parents and drifting into friendships with not-so-good guys.  The kind of friends that smoke things they shouldn’t and drop out of school.  But then last year Nathi signed up for boys2Men camp, not sure what to expect, and unaware of how camp would radically change his life.

Aside from playing soccer and hanging out with friends, camp provided Nathi an opportunity to reflect on his life and walk with Christ, and make the necessary changes.  Nathi came back from camp with a different attitude, ready to help out at home with tasks that he used to deem as “the stuff that girls do”, like washing the dishes.  As a young man growing up in a rural community such as Noodsberg, boys are expected to help with things outside the home, like caring for cattle or goats while girls help with the housework.  However, as one of nine siblings, Nathi found plenty of housework to help out with at home.

Nathi took things a step further when he began to invite his old, “not-so-good” friends to Noodsberg Baptist Church.  Some of those friends even organised a group (with the help of some ladies in the church) to bake cakes for the community.  Nathi became the “Noble Cake-baker” by allowing God to transform his life at camp.  This decision not only impacted Nathi and his family but also his friends and the greater community.

Nathi believes that, “Even though we are still young, we can do something.”

Now, Nathi is 18 years old and in Matric.  Excited about the future, he can only narrow down his career options to four areas of study: nursing, teaching, agriculture, or correctional studies.  This coming weekend he will be attending boys2Men camp for a second time, where Nathi will hear about God’s vision for his life, the theme of camp this year.

Nathi is one of 60 young men from CAST communities that have been specifically selected for their leadership potential and ability to give back to their communities.  Please be in prayer not only for the boys attending camp, but also for the older men who will play a father-figure and mentor role for our boys at camp.  Over the years, CAST has been working to break the cycle of fatherlessness through the impact of boys2Men camp.  Our prayer is that the young men in CAST’s Youth Development Programme will become noble men of character, who love God, their families, and greater community.

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