Christmas Burgers & Snowflakes

A few weeks ago, George Mwaura, CAST’s Sports & Youth Development Manager, matched one of his boys in KwaDabeka with a mentor. When they met for the first time at McDonalds, the mentor asked the boy what he would like for breakfast. Without hesitation, he said a BURGER!! He was so excited but waited to start eating, only to tell his mentor this was his first burger in his life… and he’s 17 years old.

When George shared the story at Westville Baptist Church, the owners of Grand Canyon Spur were moved so much by the story that they offered to provide burgers for CAST’s Youth Development End of Year Christmas Celebration.

In the words of George, “I could not hold my joy yesterday watching the boys take forever to munch their burgers. I guess it might have been the first one again for some of them. The things we take for granted….”  




CAST would like to thank Grand Canyon Spur for their generous donation towards CAST’s Youth Development Programme.

If you are interested in making a difference this Christmas in another way, you can also get involved with CAST’s Snowflake Drive.  It’s simple: You can sponsor a food parcel for R140 by buying a snowflake decoration at any of the Sunday Services at Westville Baptist Church until 28 Dec 2014.  Your snowflake decoration is a reminder of the family you provided food for this Christmas.

If you have any questions, contact Rachel at rachel@cast.org.za or 0312671716.

If you would like to give through EFT:

CAST Bank details

Bank: Nedbank

Acc Name: CAST

Account No: 1017717672

Branch: 138026

Reference: snowflake drive


A Picture of Tainted Reality


This week CAST would like to feature one of our own in-house artists, Lungelo Dlamini!  Lungelo is CAST’s Sports Coordinator in KwaDabeka.  Enjoy!

As I flex my wrist moving my fingertips, trying to construct messages, uttering alphabets with this thin piece of lead.

Thoughts of formulating imagery with the purpose of painting a perfect tainted picture of what reality is, blossom distinctively in my head.

I ask myself, whether mankind’s laws and systems are no different from Mother Nature’s ecosystem?

I mean let’s look at our current state of affairs, everything is backwards, facing upside down:

Doctors destroy healthcare

Lawyers destroy justice

Universities destroy knowledge

Governments destroy freedom

Media destroys information

and Religion destroys spirituality.

What we call democracy has transformed to corruption, what we call democracy has crippled our nation’s mindsets, backsliding our progress of needed social transformation.

What we call democracy still accommodates segregation, not driven by the colour of our skins anymore, but by the size of our pockets and greediness and what others call “economic apartheid”.

What we call spirituality has elevated to blasphemy, we shout out the name of Jesus Christ earnestly but still rely on today’s animated prophets to prosper, still sacrificing creatures burning incense, calling upon our ancestors to give us riches.

Oh Lord!  Deliver us from still being cursed by the sins of our fathers and blatantly doing evil.

I am no preacher.

I am no revolutionary.

I am no Marxist.

I am no extremist.

I am no terrorist.

I am just an artist trying to purvey the truth of present reality.