CAST’s 2015 Masked Ball


So Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Teddy bears, hearts, and sweets suffocate you the second you walk into Spar, reminding you of how your impending doom is coming. But you don’t want to do the same-old, boring Valentine’s routine of nice flowers and a dinner.

If this sounds like you, CAST has a solution! On Friday evening, 13 Feb 2015, there will be a CAST Masked Ball Fundraising Dinner at Westville Country Club. Not only will there be a 3 course dinner, free masks, auction, live band, and dancing, but also a special guest speaker, Ms. Lerato Tsosane, Consulate General of Lesotho.

All the proceeds from the event will go towards CAST’s programmes in Durban central at Addington Primary School. If you are wondering what your tickets will ACTUALLY fund, read more about how CAST makes a difference in Addington:


CAST’s Educational Assistance Programme has proven to be successful in reducing obstacles for learners by providing holistic support.  For the last five years, CAST has been providing homework help at Addington Primary through Westville Baptist Church volunteers.    Many of the students at Addington Primary are refugees, and have experienced trauma or are just struggling with the transition to a new country.   

Literacy Programme:

This programme is based on the Wordworks Literacy Programme material, specifically aimed towards second language English learners at a Grade R and Grade 1 Foundational Phase level.  Volunteers are trained to run the programme which uses games, books and other fun tools to assist children in learning.  Each child in the programme receives an hour a week of intense one-on-one time with a volunteer.  The goal of the programme is to support early language and literacy learning for children, especially those who come from refugee households in our Addington programme.

Give Your Brain a Hand:

This programme was launched in 2014 for Addington Primary School students.  “Give Your Brain a Hand” is intended to provide a creative, therapeutic outlet for the children through arts & crafts, acting, and dancing.   CAST believes that this programme meets the holistic needs of students by providing a creative outlet, a safe place to stay after school, and empowering students to believe in themselves.

Psychosocial Therapeutic Support:

CAST operates a Counselling Centre with a qualified social worker for Addington Primary School students.  Students receive free counselling and support to help reduce physical, emotional, and psychological obstacles that stand in the way of pursing education.  By empowering students to achieve holistic health and well-being, CAST believes that we can also help students achieve academically.

If you want to make a difference in our local community by attending CAST’s Masked Ball, just email Murry at to reserve tickets.  The Masked Ball is next Friday, 13 Feb 2015 from 5:30pm-9:30pm at Westville Country Club.  Tickets cost R230 per person, and can be purchased this Sunday at Westville Baptist Church or by EFT.


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