Masked Ball Guest Speaker: Lerato Tsosane

This week’s blog is a sneak preview of CAST’s guest speaker at the Masked Ball tonight. Enjoy!

Lerato Tsosane’s journey to her position as Consulate General for Lesotho began long before she was appointed in 2012. Coming from a media background, Lerato began her career as a young reporter for Lesotho News Agency (LENA) and made her big break when she was promoted to the Current Affairs Department, producing and anchoring a show featuring debates between high profile political figures.

During this period she became popular for her feats on the airwaves, and this period coincided with the 71 day political protests followed by 1998 riots that saw a major turning point in the contemporary politics of the country.

It was during her position as a producer and presenter of this show that Lerato’s interest in politics first began. During this time, Lerato was appointed with a group of five other individuals to keep the state radio station in Lesotho up and running. Despite the danger involved, they managed to save the situation. It was because of this experience that Lerato decided to take politics as a second major during her studies at Rhodes University.

However, when Lerato lost her younger brother and her father in one week, suddenly, she fell into depression and decided to exit with BJOURN at Rhodes University. Eventually she returned to study at University of the Free State, and went on to graduate with a Master’s degree in Politics.

Apart from being on radio, Lerato has traveled extensively with Head of Government and Head of State reporting on official trips. She has been a member of Red Cross Society, and outreach programmes are not new to her.

She admits that her road to success was not smooth but she boasts her strong faith which she says kept her moving, “Challenges make me. It’s part of life. It is only through failure that you can appreciate success.”

Lerato is The Consul General of the Kingdom of Lesotho based in Durban, and serving the coastal regions of KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape, dealing mostly with issues of trade and Consular matters. Proud of Lesotho’s low crime rate, hard work towards balancing gender equality, and beautiful geographical situation, Lerato is passionate about her country.

Make sure to attend CAST’s Masked Ball this evening to hear more about Lerato and her incredible story!


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