Let’s Hear it for the Girls!

It all started with a passion to reach girls in the communities where CAST works.  Londeka Choba joined the CAST team at the beginning of this year as a Poverty Relief Intern, with a deep desire to reach girls in the community.

In the past, CAST’s Youth Development Programme has focused primarily on empowering boys in the communities where we work.  As girls began to ask for their own programmes, CAST realised the need to accommodate girls in the community.  First, Dale Nunes and Antony Mbugua organised a girls’ tennis team.  Then, girls began to show up at basketball practice in KwaDabeka, asking to train with the guys.  After several months of faithfully coming to train, the girls proved their commitment and dedication to the sport, and now CAST is looking for a female basketball coach to lead the girls.

However, sports is only a part of Youth Development.  CAST also realised there was huge need to create a forum for girls to talk about critical issues that impact them individually, their family, and the greater community.

Londeka, along with Samke Mbatha (CAST’s Social Worker in KwaDabeka) saw this need and organised a pilot project for girls attending Sthokozile High School.  The project uses material from Hope2Educate, which is a youth-led organisation based in Durban. Hope2Educate uses dialogues to engage different components of the community on social and economic development whilst addressing the challenges associated with HIV and AIDS.

Currently the girls are writing exams, but this project will start soon when the school reopens after exams.  Thirty-five girls have been interviewed and will participate in this project.  Please be in prayer for Londeka and Samke as they lead this brand new project for high school girls in KwaDabeka!

If any of these opportunities interest you: girls’ tennis, girls’ basketball, or the Hope2Educate Programme, please make sure to contact Murry at murry@cast.org.za to find out more about volunteer opportunities.


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