Addington Camp 2015


This year 57 children had the opportunity to attend Addington Camp, thanks to the generosity of all those who gave towards this event!

Upon arriving at camp, the kids were split into teams and had the chance to meet their leaders and see their cabins.

During the weekend, the campers enjoyed delicious meals prepared by Westville Baptist’s very own Nathalie Crawford and Janet Hughes!


While there were countless fun games and activities including swimming at the beach, volleyball, soccer and other group games, but what stood out for most of the campers was the obstacle course on Saturday.  The kids were truly challenged to face their fears and work together as a group to complete the daunting course, which even included climbing a wall and crawling through mud!


During group time, the kids learned all about what it means to be a leader, especially as a young person.  Most of the small group discussions centred around 1 Timothy 4:12, looking to the life of Timothy as an example of how to be a leader, no matter how old you are.


On Sunday, the kids were given an opportunity to accept Christ as their Saviour.  When asked to stand if they wanted to follow Jesus, every child in the room stood!  It was an incredible experience to chat with the kids in small groups following the message, as they had important questions about what it means to be a Christian.


Similar to in years past, the children asked the leaders if Addington Camp could be turned into a boarding school because they loved the experience so much! If you are looking to pray for the children who attended Addington Camp, here are some things you can pray for:


1) The courage to continue to follow Jesus at home and school.

2) To step up as a leader at school – to model Jesus in what they say and do.

3) Strength and wisdom in dealing with tough family situations.

4) For positive friends and role models, who can encourage them to do the right thing.

Thank you to Joseph Bode, who did an amazing job organising camp this year!  He will be following up with the kids who attended camp, to make sure they have a positive support system to succeed.

During the school year, CAST runs a literacy programme, creative arts programme, and counselling centre at Addington Primary School.  If you’d like to get involved in a more long-term capacity with what CAST does in Addington, please contact Murry at to find out more.


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