During these school holidays, CAST has been blessed with an amazing volunteer from the States. Although if you chat with Rebecca you might think she is South African because of her accent!

Originally from Westville, Rebecca moved to the States when she was 6 years old and grew up in Texas.  Currently she is studying International Relations at Boston University and hopes to graduate in the upcoming year.

Her journey to CAST began with a search for an internship as one of her degree requirements.  Because Rebecca is completing her Bachelor’s degree in 3 years instead of the typical 4 years required in the States, the search for an internship was incredibly competitive with other students who were already in their fourth year of study.  Rebecca also had the added weight of deciding between a career in the NGO or corporate world.

However, through a family friend in South Africa, Rebecca heard about CAST and was able to join the team for her summer holidays to fulfill her internship requirement.  While she has been doing a bit of everything – from chopping flyers to helping out with holiday club – her favorite part of the internship has been her work with the Youth Development Programme in KwaDabeka.

As Rebecca explained, “It’s amazing to see the difference in kids who have been with CAST for 6 or 8 years.”

She describes it as the “ripple effect” – transformation starts with one person reaching out, and in the end results with a whole community being impacted.

During her first week of internship, George Mwaura, CAST’s Youth Development Manager, asked Rebecca if she could lead a Bible study for the girls basketball team. The first few weeks Rebecca spent just building relationships with the girls.  She then had the idea to have the girls write “Letters to God” where they asked God one serious question, and one funny question.  This opened up the floor for the girls to discuss important spiritual issues.

From an academic side, Rebecca has tried to figure out what the girls need to achieve their goals.  Most of the girls on the team want to attend university but need assistance in applying for bursaries.

Please keep Rebecca in prayer as she finishes her internship with CAST at the end of this month.  Also, CAST is looking for a female basketball coach to continue working with the girls team.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact George Mwaura at for more information.


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