Fill ’em up!


This last Sunday marked the launch of CAST’s Annual Lovebox Drive!

Our goal this year is to give out just over 600 presents in 7 local communities. If you are interested in giving a child a Christmas gift, you can contact Amy Benn to receive a child’s name and a box to fill.

Here are some gift suggestions:

  • Clothing & Underwear
  • A ‘wow’ toy – e.g. soccer ball with pump, stuffed animal, doll, musical instrument
  • Smaller toys – e.g. yo-yos, toy cars, jump ropes, bouncy balls
  • School Supplies – e.g. kokis, pencils, colouring books, rulers, crayons, solar calculators, pens
  • Toiletries – e.g. deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sponge
  • Sweets – e.g. jelly sweets, fizzers, boiled sweets, sherbet
  • A note – write a note or card to the child to let them know they’re loved

Please keep in mind:

  • Your present needs to fit completely INSIDE the shoebox.
  • Don’t include sweets that can melt or expire soon.

The boxes will stay with those who pack them until they can bring them back to church (either at the CAST tree on a Sunday or at Westville Baptist Church reception on a week day) from 1st October.  Please do not bring boxes to the church before October. 

The deadline to return boxes is 17th October.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the movement and give the children in our communities the chance to receive a Christmas present and hear all about how Jesus loves them!  Bring back those packed boxes anytime between 1-17 October.


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