“My Testimony”

This is a testimony from one of the participants involved in CAST’s Chesterville Counselling Support Group.  Names have been changed for the sake of confidentiality.

I greet everybody in the name of Jesus!  My name is Miss Lucy Nkosi and I’m a new creation, a child of God, who is residing here in Chesterville!

Firstly I would like to tell everyone that I am HIV positive and my CD4 count was very low.  When I first met this group called ‘CAST’ I met a new family and friends who gave me love and support and told me to be strong.  They told me that I can live with HIV just as long as I keep on taking my medication and not to default as I was a defaulter because of hunger.  How was I going to take my tablets without anything in my stomach?

I ended up taking drugs because of stress, thinking I was going to be better.  Lately I discovered that drugs was a cause of big stress.  I ended up fighting with my boyfriend thinking he doesn’t love me anymore because he also swore at me with those words that “I’m HIV positive” and “I’m the one who came with this disease!”

But for God’s sake He let me join this club.  In this group I’ve learned so much as I said before.  I’m not using drugs anymore.  I’m always collecting food parcels.  I’m taking my medication on time.

I’ve got a garden of vegetables and I’m eating fresh veggies.  Through this group I learned to plant.

I’m also thanking my God for helping me meet other people.  With Jesus they gave me real love – they supported me in everything.

Today my CD4 is saying my viral load is ‘not detectable’.

I wish God may bless them and everyone who is under this roof – may God bless you!

  • I’m a new creation
  • Jesus is my Saviour day by day
  • I will never turn back anymore
  • He’s my Shepherd, my strength
  • He’s taking me from glory to glory

I believe that… He’s my everything.  Amen!

Thank you very much CAST.  I love you guys!