Thandi and the Girls


For CAST’s Sport & Youth Development Department, 2015 was all about integrating girls into the programme. In the beginning of 2015, the Lord prompted several girls in KwaDabeka looking for a safe place to gym to join CAST’s basketball training. Those girls brought their friends, and soon CAST had enough girls from the community to start a female basketball team.

The only problem was that the girls had no one to lead them. A few senior guys stepped up to the plate and filled the gap by coaching the team, but the girls longed for a female coach who they could relate to. So when Coach Thandi Gova joined CAST’s Sport & Youth Development Internship Programme this year, there was no doubt the Lord had answered the prayers of our girls!


Although Thandi comes across as shy and calm, she has a very adventurous spirit, a sharp sense of humor, and always wants to try new things. Thandi loves sport and plays hockey, soccer, and softball.

Thandi comes with an educational background in Coaching Science. Although her background is not in basketball, she is excited to learn more and also introduce new sports for the girls in our programme.

Her motivation to do development work comes from a desire to give back to the community. Originally from the Eastern Cape, Thandi always wanted to do something for girls because there were few positive opportunities for them, and teenage pregnancy was a huge problem.

However, because of Thandi’s educational qualifications in Coaching Science, she thought she would only be able to work in the private sector. But when she found out about CAST’s Sport & Youth Development Department, Thandi was excited to finally be able to live out her passion.

As Thandi explained, “I believe girls are not given enough opportunity to explore in sports. I’m excited to be working with the girls and empowering them.”

CAST relies on our hardworking interns to accomplish much of the work in the community, and they are a huge blessing to our organisation. Please keep Thandi and the girls in your prayers as they start 2016!


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