Empowering Families

On 8-10 July, CAST will be hosting our first ever camp for girls.  On Saturday, women from Westville and other local communities came together to brainstorm about the camp.  As a result, camp focus topics will include: identity, beauty, strength, purity, women leaders, worthiness, self-esteem, confidence, healing the wounds and daughters of the King.

Our heart for the camp is that:

-Girls will develop a relationship with God.

-Girls will reach out to other girls in their community.

-Girls leave feeling empowered and self-confident.

-Girls feel beautiful inside and out.

-Girls recognize their own strength.

40 young girls (ages 13-17) will be selected from the CAST youth programmes that are run in local communities to attend the camp on the South Coast.  CAST will sponsor R350 for each girl to attend camp, and the girls will be expected to raise R170 on their own.  CAST is looking to raise funds for camp, as well as recruiting facilitators from the community to be camp leaders.



Another exciting event that happened on Sunday was a Parenting Workshop, hosted in partnership with Reaching Women.  Susan Knighton Fitt spoke about the Stages of Development: The child’s main need at each stage, most significant relationship, personal developmental crisis every child must conquer and what can we as parents do at each stage to make it easier for the child.

Parents were encouraged to parent through their imperfections and to use our imperfect selves as moments of love and learning for their children.

There were four different case studies /discussion groups that parents could join in, based on the ages of their children, which gave them an opportunity to look at practical examples and learn to ask questions that would help them understand their child’s challenging behaviours through the eyes of their child.

CAST believes in empowering both children and parents, in order to help build healthy families in the communities where we work.  If you would like to get involved with CAST’s girls camp or other opportunities to empower families, like the Parenting Workshop, please contact Dale Nunes at: dale@cast.org.za



A Garden for All

Life@Home Take It Home - CAST Garden (5 of 7)

Last Sunday, the children of Promise Land got their hands dirty!  Recently, CAST started up a community garden for those in need.  With the drought and rising prices of food, many people who are living on the streets or battling to find employment come to CAST’s Westville offices asking for assistance.  The community garden is a great opportunity for those in need to come tend the garden, and take some veggies home in return.

But CAST needed some helpful hands to weed and plant the garden.  The kids of Promise Land were happy to volunteer, and spent Sunday learning about how God uses even the smallest members of the Kingdom of God to take care of God’s Creation and to help our neighbours.

If you would like to help out with the CAST garden and support this great initiative, contact Amy Benn at: amy@cast.org.za


Township Tours


Have you ever been curious to see what life is like in a township?  Then don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to go on a CAST Township Tour!  We look forward to hosting you on a tour where you can see some of the communities in which we minister.

This tour aims to give participants a rich understanding of the history, culture and people of these communities and how they are tied to the surrounding suburbs and city. We focus on the role of churches, missions, schools and businesses, past and present, while also experiencing the culture and meeting interesting people.

There are two tour options:

DSC_0438Durban Central, Addington, Chesterville & Cato Manor (Tuesday 9am-4:30pm)

Experience the best of cultural diversity in “Durbs” by checking out the famous Warwick Indian Market, while also learning more about the historical roots of the Apartheid Struggle through Cato Manor’s local museum, as well as current development work and the ministry of CAST in the ever-evolving township of Chesterville.


Clermont, KwaDabeka & Mariannridge (Wednesday 9am-4:30pm)

If you’ve ever wondered what everyday life is like in a township, this is the tour for you!  Come join our CAST team for home visits to meet local families in Clermont & KwaDabeka, as well as visiting local schools to meet the youth.  In Mariannridge, take a walk through this small community to meet locals and hear more about the issues facing this township.  Learn more about CAST’s programmes and partnerships in these communities.

Cost: R180 per person (includes lunch & refreshments)

CAST’s Township Tours will be run regularly on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, based on need (min: 8 people, max: 14 people).  Pick up and drop off is at Westville Baptist Church, and all transportation is provided via the CAST Bus.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience our neighbouring communities!

To book or for more information, please contact Dale Nunes at: dale@cast.org.za or 031 267 1716


Fools for Christ

Every morning at CAST’s Head Office, the staff gather around to encourage each other with a short devotion.  The office busyness slows to a quiet at 8am, and everyone takes a few minutes to start our day with Christ as the focus.

Today was no different.  However, when Stuart Talbot leads devotions, it is never boring!  We were told to dress up for April Fools, so with our funny outfits, we took some time to reflect on the following Feast of Fools material from Jim Cotter’s book “Love Re-membered: Resources for a House Eucharist”.

Approach (shortened)

God of Joy, we rejoice in you.

You run to meet us like a welcoming friend,

you laugh with us in the merriment of heaven,

you feast with us at the great banquet,

Clown of clowns, Fool of fools, the only Entertainer of jesters.

God of Joy, we rejoice in you.


1 Corinthians 1:27 (NLT)

God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise.  And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.


Let us be fools for Christ’s sake:

In facing the truth, may we be set free from illusion.

In accepting our wounds, may we be healed.

In embracing the outcast, may we be redeemed.

In discovering our child, may we grow to maturity.

In seeking true innocence, may we no longer harm.

In yielding to dying, may abundant life flow into us.

In vulnerable risk, may we know love’s pain and joy.

In the release of laughter, may we hear the chuckle of God.

In the folly of the Cross, may we see the Wisdom of God.

Shared from Jim Cotter’s book “Love Re-membered: Resources for a House Eucharist”

Most of the time we just think of April Fools as a fun day of pranking our friends, co-workers and family members.  But the Feast of Fools has a much deeper message: “Be a fool, for Christ’s sake.” As CAST seeks after the Kingdom of God, we pray that we won’t be afraid to do what appears to be foolish for the sake of Christ.  Jesus himself was never inside the box, and he calls us to do the same.  By living outside the box, we free ourselves to truly love our neighbours and fulfill the call of Christ in our lives.

In the words of Brian Wren’s hymn,

Christ, in our darkness risen,

help all who long for light

to hold the hand of promise

till faith receives it sight.

How can you be a fool for Christ?