Sports Against Crime Campaign


This Saturday, 4 June 2016, CAST will be part of a Clermont community initiative called “Sports Against Crime”, partnering with the local police, Department of Safety & Liaison, Safer Cities, the local Pastors Fraternal, the Clermont Youth Centre and local high schools.

With crime on the rise in Clermont, the community realised there was a great need to create awareness of current issues facing the youth.  Of special concern is the rise in drug abuse among young people in Clermont.

CAST and other local partners decided that the best way to tackle these issues was through using sport against crime.  Soccer and basketball events for the youth will be held this Saturday at a stadium in Clermont, along with information about local services for the youth, such as CAST’s Youth Mentoring programme.

Timothy Mohlala, CAST’s KwaDabeka Community Coordinator, has been speaking to learners at local high schools, advertising the event.  CAST is privileged to be a part of this community response, especially impacting at-risk youth through our various youth development programmes.


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