About CAST.

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KwaZulu-Natal has the highest rate of HIV infection in the world. The devastation of this pandemic is leaving communities poverty stricken, children without parents, and desperate youth looking for hope. The Church Alliance for Social Transformation is a social upliftment initiative run in partner-ship with community churches and schools.


“Mobilising and aligning local churches to reach out with practical compassion, to empower and transform lost and hurting communities.”

CAST’s main intention is to help community churches in poor communities to find meaningful ways to bring the gospel and social transformation to people in their neighbourhoods. The key to this process is developing solutions together and helping to resource and develop the projects in the long term. This means that we are creating a family of churches that work together to support each other in our efforts to transform poor and dark communities into happy, healthy neighbourhoods, where God is worshiped and honoured.

CAST is the critical agent which provides structure and coordination of programmes, maintains the administrative infrastructure and raises funds to keep them going. It also assists in making sure that the programmes we provide are at the very highest level, produce real, long-term transformation and do not cause dependency. All of our programmes are “grassroots” by nature, being run by ordinary people, for ordinary people, but in ways that bring extra-ordinary results.

CAST has five ministry areas :

• Poverty Relief


• Sport & Recreation

• Educational Support

• Business Development

 Information about these area’s can be explored in more   depth on the official website, CAST.ORG.ZA




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