Bouncing Back: Local Economic Development – Shakila’s Story

We are blessed to share the story of one of our Local Economic Development entrepreneurs from Phoenix, Shakila Akoon, owner of “Bouncin’ Babies” linen wear and graduate of the Paradigm Shift Business Advanced Course faciliated by our dedicated team of volunteers!

She will be showcasing her products at our very first flea market tomorrow at the Westville Civic Centre. Come through and show your support!


CAST LED Market 2020


CAST is excited to host our very first LED Market at the Westville Civic Centre Park on Saturday 28 November 2020! One of the aims of our ministry is to develop the economic potential of our communities by offering free business training for members of our partner churches and communities to help them increase their household income and better support their families.

We have journeyed with many over the past 10 years who have come through our programme and successfully developed their own small businesses. Join us in supporting these local business owners in the move beyond charity!

We invite all local entrepreneurs to participate by booking a table at R100 each.

For bookings & more information, contact us at: info@cast.org.za or call (031) 266 8830.

CAST Banking details: CAST Trust
First National Bank
Branch code: 250655
Acc no: 62762010248
Reference: LED market

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Words of Encouragement: Luyanda’s Story

Today we share the story of a learner in our ECD programme who has made a great improvement in his literacy skills. Currently in Grade 4 at Mcopheleli Primary School, 11-year-old Luyanda Mthethwa from KwaDabeka had great difficulty with the basics, not being able to write the letters of the alphabet, and struggled to form words in English and isiZulu. This sadly affected his self-esteem.

His family receives a monthly food parcel from CAST and learnt of the weekly literacy classes at the CAST Community Centre at KwaDabeka Baptist Church. After 7 months of attending the class and receiving individual help from our team of volunteers using material from the Wordworks Literacy Programme, we are happy to see him progressing and enjoying his work.

“It took some time, dedication and commitment to work with him,” says the programme facilitator. “Our biggest challenge was when we had to start from scratch and teach him how to write the alphabet, words etc. It was time-consuming but, through dedication we were able to pull him through.

He has now gained self-confidence and is able to write isiZulu and English words. We are very proud.”

Be part of the movement to transform young lives, like Luyanda, through education.

Donating just R200 will help to support the learning of children at home for 6 months.

Visit cast.org.za to donate or contact us at info@cast.org.za for more information.


Transform Young Lives Through Education

Just 6 months of learning can transform a child’s life.

This September, help us make quality education accessible by distributing Early Literacy packs straight to the homes of the foundation-phase learners we work with.

The national lockdown to stem the spread of the Coronavirus saw many children in our communities staying at home without access to learning resources, putting them at risk of falling behind in their educational and cognitive development.

A donation of R200 will fund the materials needed for caregivers to educate their children for six months using CAST’s Early Literacy Programme. The pack contains reading and writing exercises, educational games, and storybooks. Once children complete this course, they will graduate to using CAST’s newly-designed curriculum to foster skills in creative arts as well as spiritual development launching in January 2021.

Donations for the literacy packs can be made via EFT and Zapper, or drop off any of the items listed below at the CAST Head Office:

  • A5 softcover unruled exercise books
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Children’s storybooks

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CAST Amaqhawekazi Women’s Month iMbizo


Join us in celebrating the AMAQHAWEKAZI (isiZulu, meaning special women/heroines) in our communities this Women’s Month🙌
Following the discussion on Gender-based Violence at CAST’s Mandela Day Online iMbizo in July, CAST continues to have a series of weekly dialogues about current gender-based injustices.
Our approach on this issue is to start by grappling with it from within the organization and Alliance of Churches we partner with in order to be effective leaders in developing our communities and supporting women in need.
This will culminate in a joyous celebration of women making an impact in their communities.
The event will be broadcast LIVE on Facebook, @CASTngo page.
Date: Friday 28th August 2020
Time: 15:00 – 16:00
ALL are welcome.
Let us unite in Christ to love and honour one another.



CAST Women’s Day Celebration


Women’s Month is a time to celebrate the strong women who stand up for the right to be treated with equal dignity and respect. This year has been a challenging one for many women in our communities experiencing gender-based injustices.

By God’s grace, we have still been able to celebrate the beauty, strength, and invaluable impact of women working to transform lives of the marginalized in the community of CAST’s partner, Edamini Baptist Church, West of Durban.

Join us in prayer for continued strength and guidance.


CAST Mandela Day Online iMbizo

CAST Mandela Day Online iMbizo 2020 1CAST Mandela Day Online iMbizo 2020 2

The CAST Mandela Day Online iMbizo has been postponed to Saturday 25 July 2020, 13:00 – 14:07 (SAST GMT+2).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Click this link to register: https://in-contact.org/accept/25/4231/r/

Zoom meeting log-in details:

Meeting ID: 883 9039 3355
Password: Mandela

Stay safe, and see you then!

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A New Life: Reen’s Story

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44-year old Reen Naicker from Phoenix has been healed of his addiction of 30 years through CAST in partnership with Project Exodus, and partner church, Cornerstone Community Church (CCC).  Reen’s journey out of addiction began with attending a weekly support group meeting at CCC. This was made possible through the meeting of the leadership of Project Exodus and CAST at the Ibandla Malivuke Conference in 2018 which led to the formation of a partnership that has gone on to help many substance abusers in the community, like Reen, as well as their families and supporters.

For Reen, he testifies that it was only through the grace of God that he has been set free, able to overcome his addiction and is now four months sober. Before this, Reen had been in suffering since he began using substances at an early age. His habit soon developed into an addiction, but Reen felt that he had it under control, so much so that his wife and child were not even aware of his problem.

This was until Reen moved onto more potent drugs like heroin and whoonga. His life took a drastic turn and he began spiralling downwards, losing his job, his house and those closest to him. He stayed with his sister for a while and was allowed to bring his daughter over regular visits, but his desperation took hold and he began stealing from his sister’s house to feed his addiction.  They soon withdrew their support, and Reen had nowhere else to turn to but the streets, feeling that people had given up on him and was too ashamed to face his child.

His health deteriorated, growing weak and thin, and he contracted Tuberculosis. While on the streets, Reen would only mix with other addicts. Lying and using foul language became second-nature to Reen. He had lost who he was and would cry out to God, praying for answers. “I couldn’t see the glory in all of this,” he says. “God had his hand upon me, but I never saw it. I always thought I was fighting this battle on my own. I thought God left me.”

On his way to a tuckshop one day, Reen came into contact with a Pastor who told him of the support group meetings at CCC, and was referred to Raheel Govender, the CAST Phoenix Community Co-ordinator. Reen went to see Raheel and asked to be registered for the programme. Even in taking this step, Reen did not feel that others took him seriously given his history with relapsing. Regardless, he pitched up to the meeting, late, with the expectation of receiving medication that would make his pain and withdrawal symptoms go away. But instead, Reen discovered that it was much more than that as the trained volunteers from the local church and Project Exodus were heavily invested in the holistic transformation of each addict in recovery, offering support groups for both the recovering addict as well as supporters of the addicts.

Reen attended the meetings in faith, learning more and meeting people who he felt supported by. Pastor Clement Moses of CCC asked Reen if he really wants to change his life and if he would be willing to go to Jump Youth Mission, a centre for the rehabilitation of addicts using a Christ-centred approach to treatment. This was the answer to Reen’s prayers. Without hesitation, he took the opportunity and went. Conrad and the team from Project Exodus played a vital role in acquiring funds as well as care and support for Reen to be accommodated at the Mission house.

Although he is still on the journey to full recovery, Reen now feels he has been set free from the addiction. He has cleaned up not only his physical well-being, but feels emotionally and spiritually strong as well, and has been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the kitchen and looking after the centre when the Pastor is not there.  Part of the programme also sees Reen doing outreach on Sundays, cooking for people in the communities, and ministering to those in need. From living selfishly and arrogantly, Reen now puts others’ needs before his own and carries out his duties at the centre with a sense of humility.

Reen’s sister now visits him at the mission and has opened the door to support him when he returns home. Reen has also improved his relationship with his ex-wife and daughter, who he looks forward to seeing every Thursday at the support group meetings at CCC, where he is encouraged to share his testimony with others who are still in the grips of addiction.

“God is working wonderful things in my life. I broke a lot of relationships and hurt a lot of people. Now that I’m in recovery and the spirit of the Lord is upon me, I’ve learnt to be a responsible person, a father. I serve others for the glory of the Lord. I live honestly, lying is now the most difficult thing for me. If I go wrong, I ask for God’s forgiveness. It’s a journey.”

As of July 2020, CAST is proud to officially partner with Project Exodus, with a mission to “provide sustainable solutions, and harness the transformative power of the networked Church to make expert recovery resources accessible for all South Africans.”  The programme will be implemented in three more of CAST’s partner churches namely: Kingdom Connect Ministries in Mariannridge, Mount Zion Church in KwaDabeka, and Home Ground Westville Baptist Church. If you would like to contribute towards the expansion of this programme, contact info@cast.org.za or call +27(0)31 2668830.